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BE, MTech, MBA, MSc, BEd

Worked in several institutions as Teacher, Head of the Department, Vice Principal and Principal.

Preparing for the brightest future, THE SAN GLOBAL SCHOOL is pioneering the field of education through our dedication and commitment to our students’ needs. We offer a unique educational experience designed to enhance intellectual growth and promote participatory engagement. We welcome all prospective students for a visit anytime.

The polishers here in THE SAN GLOBAL SCHOOL, are both the student and the teacher, for the school believes that whatever our students aim for is ultimately within their reach and the teacher is only a facilitator. Each student strives hard to maximize his or her potential, which is within the large framework of the philosophy of the school.

THE SAN GLOBAL SCHOOL is a reputed institution in this locality of Bidadi  having its roots firmly in the ground but spreading its wings initiating new changes. THE SAN GLOBAL SCHOOL is a school, which works on a low profile, by not being too vocal about its progress or achievements. Our standing testimonials are our satisfied parents and cheerful children and we are ever thankful to our growing parent community for being very encouraging and supportive.

The school encourages children from different socio-economic backgrounds with an aim to provide the best opportunities, which are affordable by an average middle class parent. Although we would not like to be called an “elitist school” we work hard to make everyone elite in different spheres of life.

We encourage and reward success and try to inculcate in children an inner discipline in everything they do, for, ultimately children do what they believe in. We provide lots of opportunities and activities to foster necessary skills-interpersonal, social, communication or academic and to excel in whatever they do and empower them to face the unavoidable challenges of the new millennium. However we do remind them that they need to be humane too!!!

We try our best to provide a warm, nurturing environment respecting individual differences and the best is brought out in each child in a very non-threatening atmosphere. The cornerstone behind all this is the transparent, honest and open communication we enjoy with each parent.

The search for innovation and improvement is continuous process  and we sincerely believe that there is always room for improvement in whatever we do and the way we execute our dreams and plans. THE SAN GLOBAL SCHOOL has a happy blend of non-formal education in a semi-structured setting. THE SAN GLOBAL SCHOOL is neither too unstructured nor much formalized in its academic instruction because we believe there is a need for both so that our children can offer their best to this world.

Every event and every year is a positive challenge for us at THE SAN GLOBAL SCHOOL and that has led to professional and personal growth of the individual and the school as a whole.

-Smt. Lokashree Manjunath

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